Thank you for joining us on Episode 12.

This episode is presented by:

• Edward Green

• Austin Pinto

• Warren Carr

• Pete Torkington

and with our special guests, Pierre Aubry.

In this episode, we cover…


Lot’s of news this week. Austin updates us on:

• Top Tech Tidbits mentioned us in their newsletter for the third week in a row! Top Tech Tidbits is your one stop solution for all technology news for visually impaired people. You can visit them on the below link and don’t forget to subscribe their newsletter. Find them at

you can also find them and other friends at the friends of our site page by visiting.

• Android app, ‘Lazarillo GPS For Blind’, mention Blind Android Users in the news tab of the app. Listen to episode 8 of the podcast for an interview with, Rene Espinoza, from the Lazarillo group and a demonstration of this fantastic app by Austin. You can download the app, for free, from

Warren and Ed chat about the new features in TalkBack that come with the release of version 9.1. Warren covers what is available in the pre-release version of Android 12.

Android Basics

Warren discusses setting up the Google Play Store, adding a home screen short-cut for easy access and the new ‘Share App’ feature.

Top Tips

• Pete provides three quick tips for using the keyboard, including how to set up custom shortcuts for frequently typed text, like email addresses.

• Ed shows us how to configure customised sounds for GMail notifications.

In Focus

This week our special guest, Pierre Aubry, enlightens us with his review of the Asus Zen Fone 6

This edition of Android includes many excellent additions, which Pierre shares with us.

My Android Journey

Podcast listener, Tina Sohl, shares with us her Android journey. We thank Tina for getting in touch. We all have our own journey using and working with Android don’t we. Why not get in touch and bring yours to the podcast. You can join in live or send us a recording.

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