Thank you for joining us on Episode 13.

This episode is presented by:

· Ed Green

· Warren Carr

· Austin Pinto

And with our special guest, Rushikesh Kamewar.

In this episode, we cover…


Lots of news this week. Austin updates us on:

· Warren appeared on an episode of Applevis in a debate on which operating system was better – Android or iOS. We all know the answer obviously!

but check out the show

Ed will appear on an upcoming episode of Life After Blindness podcast

in which he will talk about the recent changes to Talkback in Android 11 and the recently released Talkback 9.1.


We hear from special guest, Rushikesh Kamewar, who talks to us about his app Shortcut Makerwhich lets you add anything on your Android device to your home screen.

Android basics

Ed and Warren discuss manipulating your home screen, and they also discuss stock and third-party launchers. Warren demonstrates the launcher which comes with Pixel devices, and Ed demonstrates his preferred third-party launcher, Hyperion

Honourable mentions are given to Customized Pixel Launcher

which brings the Pixel experience to non-Pixel devices.



Action Launcher

and Nova

In Focus

This week, Austin shows us how to uninstall Samsung Talkback on Samsung phones running Android 11 and install Google Talkback

You will need the relevant tools For Windows.


or Linux

Prior to uninstalling Samsung Talkback, Austin suggests you install the Commentary screen reader so that you do not need sighted assistance to start Google Talkback.

if you want to uninstall other apps using this demo, you will need app inspector 

which will give you names of installed apps.

the commands to perform the operation on your phone are.

Adb devices

Adb install com.apk

To uninstall Samsung talkback.

Adb shell

pm uninstall -k --user 0

you can use the above command to uninstall any other app, just replace. with the package name of the app.

To install google talkback.


adb install talkback.apk

replace talkback.apk with the name of the file that you have given.

App of the week

Warren demonstrates Feed Explorer

My Android Journey

Finally, we have the first in a 2-part series from David Mellor, who recounts his Android journey.

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