Thank you for joining us on Episode 16.

This episode is presented by:

· Ed Green

· Warren Carr

· Austin Pinto

· Mariam Mohsen.

And with our special guest, Yannick Plassiard.

In this episode, we cover…


· We want to wish our Bangladeshi listeners an incredibly happy 50th Independence Day.

· We also want to wish all the listeners who celebrate the festival of Holi.

· And for our listeners who do not know this is why Holi is celebrated

· There are two new guides on the website. Jacob Kruger AKA Blind Biker describeshow to get Android 11 up and running accessibly on a Raspberry Pie, and by popular request, Warren shows us how to Downloadepisodes of the Blind Android Users podcast.

· We discuss last week’s Announcement from OnePlus which covered its series 9 phones as well as a new watch.

Android basics

This week, it is all about phone diallers. We explain why you might want to change yours, depending on which dialler your phone comes with. If you do, we suggest looking at the Google Phone app, DW Contacts or True Phone Dialler.

In Focus

This week, we feature episode 2 of our series on romming, in which Austin demonstrates how to unlock the boot loader.

Commentary basics

We start a new series on the popular screen reader Commentary, with a demo brought to us by Mariam.

In this segment, we discuss what to know before installing the screen reader and how to get it and the various groups available for it.

English telegram group for CSR.

The WhatsApp English group for CSR

Releases · nirenr/jieshuo, contribute to nirenr/jieshuo development by creating an account on GitHub.

Downloading Jieshuo Either look in the files section of the above-mentioned groups, or look here:

all the groups are found in the Abbott self as well.

App of the week

Following on from our file management feature last week, Kareen Kiwan demonstrates the powerful CX File Explorer.

My Android Journey

Finally, we are joined live by Yannick Plassiard who takes us through his Android Journey.

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