Thank you for joining us on Episode 17

from the blind android Users Podcast team, we would like to wish our listeners a very happy Easter

This episode is presented by:

· Ed Green

· Warren Carr

· Austin Pinto

· Mariam Mohsen

· Yannick Plassiard.

And with our special guest, Ana Garza.

In this episode, we cover…


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Android basics

This week, we look at different on-screen keyboards you can use with your Android phone. Your co-hosts briefly demonstrate Blind Accessibility Keyboard, Gboard - the Google Keyboard, Microsoft SwiftKey, Technical Keyboard, Grammarly Keyboard and Talkback braille keyboard.

In Focus

This week, we feature episode 3 of our series on romming, in which Austin demonstrates how to install TWRP on devices with an A only partition.

App of the week

Jacob Kruger demonstrates the extremely powerful Taskerapp. Warren also looks at the StackScanner app developed by Google’s Area 21.

My Android Journey

Finally, we are joined live by Ana Garza who takes us through her Android Journey.

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