Thank you for joining us on Episode 18

This episode is presented by:

· Ed Green

· Warren Carr

· Austin Pinto

· Mariam Mohsen.

In this episode, we cover…


· The podcast now features in the Top Tech Titbits Blind and Visually Impaired Podcast Directory.

· We bid a fond farewell to LG who announced at the start of the week that they were withdrawing from the smartphone market and look back on some of the innovations that they brought us over the years.

Android basics

This week, we talk about how to edit and manipulate text using both Talkback and Commentary, which prompts a lively debate between Warren and Maryam. Warren mentions the app Universal Copy which provides more advanced functions than are present by default when using Talkback.

CSR episode 2.

This week, Mariam Mohsen shows us what to do after you install CSR and how to configure the settings.

In Focus

This week, we feature episode 4 of our series on romming, in which Austin demonstrates how to install a custom ROM on a phone with an A only partition.

App of the week

This week we have another contribution from Kareen Kiwan, who demonstrates the Turbo Alarm Clock

My Android Journey

Finally, it is back to Kareen again who takes us on her Android journey.

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