Thank you for joining us on Episode 21.

This episode is presented by:

· Ed Green

· Warren Carr

· Austin Pinto

· Yannick Plassiard

In this episode, we cover…


· Austin advises listeners that they can now subscribe to the podcast directly from the Blind Android Users website.

· One of the co-hosts is now a year older!

· Austin alerts listeners about the spreading flubot malware and WhatsApp pink malware and gives some tips on staying safe.

Android basics

On this episode, we delve into the notifications shade and the quick settings panel. We show you how to manipulate notifications, how to customise what appears on your lock screen, and how to change whether apps can play a sound when their notifications arrive. We also look at how to manipulate and reorder items in the quick settings panel.

CSR Demo.

In the third episode of CSR Demo, Mariam shows us the notifications settings of CSR.

In Focus

Following recent questions on our email list, Warren demonstrates Android’s extremely useful app/screen pinning feature.

App of the week

On this episode, Farhan Ahmed is back with us to demonstrate the Muslim Pro app – a very timely feature during the holy month of Ramadan.

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