Thank you for joining us on episode twenty-two.

This episode is presented by.

· Ed Green.

· Austin Pinto

· Warran Carr.

In this episode we cover.


· We would like to wish our listeners an incredibly happy Eid al-Fitr.

· We appeared on a live stream with live accessible.

do blind people use android?

· We discussed about Indian government pressurizing WhatsApp to remove the deadline of May 15 to accept privacy policy.

Android basics.

This week we delved into web views and browsers.

· Warren discussed about web views and all the channels available.

· If you have any problem with web views, you can try installing.

WebView beta

WebView dev

WebView Canary

we then look at browsers.

· Ed demos google chrome browser

· Austin demos tor browser

· Warren demos Microsoft Edge Canary

In focus

· This week, we have Farhan Ahmed from Pakistan unbox his Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

App of the week.

· Warren demos Sunrise: Local Weather Forecasts & Radar Maps

My android journey.

· This week, David Moore tells us how he got started with android.

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