Thank you for joining us on Episode 23.

This episode is presented by:

· Ed Green

· Warren Carr

· Austin Pinto

And we are joined by our special guest, Carrie Morales.

In this episode, we cover…


· We now have a Blind Android Users Club on Clubhouse.

· This week sees Google IO taking place from 18-20 May, you can register Here.

· We have almost reached 7,000 podcast plays!

Android basics

We are evolving our Android Basics section to talk about must-have apps for blind Android users. Warren talks us through the categories we propose to cover in the coming months. If you think we have missed any, let us know by using the contact details at the end of the show notes.

In Focus

This week, Ed gives us an in-depth demonstration of the invite-only social media service everyone is talking about and which hit Android this week, Clubhouse. It is not available via the Play Store in all countries, so if you are comfortable with and understand the risks of sideloading, you may wish to download the app from APK Mirror.

Warren reminds us of the security issues that fast growing apps can face, and points us to thisarticle from February which highlighted concerns about Clubhouse data being transmitted to China.

App of the week

This week, Warren builds on our Android Basics section from last week and discusses how to manipulate Android System Webviews.


Mariam brings us episode four in her popular series demonstrating the Commentaryscreen reader.

My Android Journey

Finally, our Android Journey story this week comes from Carrie Morales from Live Accessible, whose show we appeared on last week.

Staying in touch. Do not forget to go to her channel and like, subscribe, ding the dinger and all that Youtubeness.

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