Thank you for joining us on Episode 24.

This episode is presented by:

· Ed Green

· Warren Carr

· Austin Pinto

In this episode, we cover…


· We Thank Top Tech Titbits for featuring part 1 of our Clubhousedemonstration in their newsletter.

· We have had almost 8,000 podcast plays with over 1,000 last week, and now have reached over 150 members in our Telegram group. Thank you for your support!

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· We also talk about Android 12. Austin tells us an ingenious way to install Android 12 onto non-Pixel devices temporarily on any phone running Android 11 without having to significantly modify your phone. We have also published a guide.

Android basics

Our first app category is e-book readers. The team demonstrates Google play Books, Kindle, Moon+ Reader Pro, Legere Reader (formerly known as Voicedream Reader), Dolphin EasyReader  and @Voice Aloud Reader. Warren also gives an honourable mention to Bookshare’s Go Read.

In Focus

This week, Ed brings us episode 2 of our Clubhouse demonstration. As of Friday 21 May, this audio-only social media ap should now have reached a Play Store near you!

My Android Journey

Finally, our Android Journey story this week comes from Salih Kunduz.

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