Thank you for joining us on Episode 28.

This episode is presented by:

· Branden Hennis

· Warren Carr

· Austin Pinto

· Mariam Mohsen

In this episode, we cover…


· This weekend marks the 6-month anniversary of the Blind Android users Podcast – the first episode was published on 19 December 2020.

· The podcast has now passed 10,500 plays!

· Warren highlights changes to the Play Store UI which users may start experiencing.

Android basics

Our fourth app category is audio recorders. Warren talks about a couple of Stalwarts from the Play Store Easy Voice Recorder and ASR Voice Recorder. We demonstrate Voice Recorder Pro, Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder and Amazing MP3 Recorder, and for Samsung users, Mariam talks through some of the excellent features of Samsung’s own offering.

In focus

This week, we are absolutely thrilled to be joined to talk about all things Talkback by Brian Kemler, Product Manager for Talkback at Google.

My Android Journey

Finally, our Android Journey story this week comes from Brandon Hennis.

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